Jewelry Care

Some good suggestions from some of our vendors...

Silver-plated Jewel

Exposure to light, air, humidity, air conditioning and some types of skin’s PH causes silver to tarnish. In the case of the PH, it can wear or corrode the plate in just few days.

We recommend avoiding wearing the pieces on the beach and sleeping in jewelry. Creams and perfumes can also damage them so we advise to avoid the contact of these substances with the pieces.

Use a chamois leather cloth or a non-abrasive silver polish to clean our silver-plate jewels. Wash them with a neutral, dry soap, rinse them with plenty of water and dry them with a very soft cloth. Be careful if the piece contains leather, crystals or other materials, as these will need another type of care.

Gold-plated Jewel

As with silver-plated jewels, exposure to light, air, humidity, air conditioning, spotlights and PH can damage our gold-plate jewelry. If the piece has lost its original color, you only need to wash it with warm water and a neutral, dry soap. Rinse it with a very soft cloth. Be careful if the piece contains leather, crystals or other materials, as these will need another type of care.


Our leather is manufactured using a vegetable tanning process. Exposure to light and air obscures the leather in a natural way. Water and liquids can damage the piece staining it as if it were a piece of cloth.

We do not recommend using special leather cleaners but if you decide to use them we recommend testing them first on the back of the piece.

We recommend wearing jewelry until the color of the leather ages naturally and evenly. For those who prefer the leather to darken quickly, they can carefully spread any moisturizing cream on the surface of the piece. This process will immediately darken it as if it had already gone through a natural aging process giving it a uniform color. From this moment on, the leather should be regularly moisturised so that it is soft and flexible. This recommendation applies to all dark leathers.

Crystals and Glass

We recommend using a soft cloth and lightly moistened with water to clean the parts of the jewel that contain crystals and glass.

Cords and Fabrics

In the case of a cotton fabric, avoid putting it in the water because the jewel is likely to shrink, not to recover its original dimensions and to affect the aesthetics.


Always keep the jewelry in a drawer, a jewelry box or a closed box. This will help preserve the pieces in good condition, avoiding direct light and air. In order to prevent humidity in the drawers/boxes we recommend placing silica gel inside them.

(TRICK: you can reuse the sachets of silica salts that you will find inside some medicine tubes and put them inside your jewelry box). 

We recommend not to expose the jewels to baking soda or to chemicals, not even to those used in the cleaning of jewels as they can alter the color of the jewel and damage other organic parts such as leather and wood.